Gene Maynard

Gene Maynard

Trekking: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper connection with their spirituality and a more meaningful life journey.

Trekking: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation

Author Gene Maynard


Trekking is an invitation to deep spiritual and cultural transformation. While the standard and superficial practices of North American contemporary church are being soundly rejected in this cultural moment, Gene Maynard takes you on a journey into ancient, contemplative Christian spirituality to help you retrieve the powerfully transformative practices and rhythms that have always been the hallmark of Christian faith.

You will travel with him over the ancient El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage where, with the help of these contemplative Christian practices, he verified their power to transform interior life and surrounding culture. Immersing yourself in the first two sections of the book, you will find interior, spiritual practices that, for centuries, have been healing profoundly the deep, interior places within us that have been marked by wounds, losses, sins, and rejections.

Welcome to the Trailhead, a Spiritual Formation Podcast on Spotify

Do you want to embark on a Journey of Spiritual discovery that helps you explore your inner self and learn more about life? Are you looking to discover what life really offers beyond the realm of a physical journey? Or do you want to broaden your understanding of what your inner self means in life?

Welcome to “Trailhead.” This will serve as your portal to engage in exploration about spirituality and what purpose does life serve. If you are looking forward to personal growth by building your inner self, then this podcast serves the best purpose.

A Podcast Offering a Lot More than the Usual Lot

This podcast does not merely serve as a series of episodes. It offers a lore more than the usual lot by being a medium that takes you on a transformative journey. Most importantly, this podcast helps you focus on the inner self. It is a service that helps you transform yourself. Hosted by an experienced guide, “The trailhead” is directed to ensure it serves as an inspiration while empowering you to boost personal growth.

What you will learn with the Trailhead Podcast

A Conversation With a Purpose

Conversations are important in life. You need to focus on a conversation that helps you learn points of wisdom, experiences that help you grow, and insights that boost your development. All these aspects will help you navigate through a self-discovery process.  This is what the podcast precisely aims to offer to the people.

A Way to Explore Spirituality

By delving into a wide range topics, such as spirituality, mindfulness, and more, the podcast serves to broaden your understanding about life. The podcast is nothing but a platform that offers a unique perspective on life. You will be offered ways to explore and grow your personal life.

A Strong Way to Boost your Personal Growth

“The trailhead” does not stop its discussion on the topic of spirituality. It is a way of ensuring personal growth by drawing on useful insights. To learn more about how these insights can help you transform the different aspects of your life for the better, make an attempt to find a purpose that helps you ace achieve inner peace and well-being.

So, regardless of what you want, first try to learn the answers to your life’s big questions. Try building a sense of inner peace or rather build a deeper connection with your inner self.

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